March 7, 2010

I'm Almost Back!

It's been a long while since I last posted. I'm not lazy, really. I've actually been working on some power metal for Crusader Shield. It's some sort of holy power metal feeling sound. I've tried it, I can say I've done it, but I think I'd rather much enjoy making some more folk sounding tunes. Hence I'm back to working on And My Runeaxe for my next piece.

It could be while until I actually push something out, so don't hold your breath. The reason is I'm not actually living at my own home (for a good while now) so I don't really have access to my music gear and software, and I'm kind of in between housing and all. It's weird, don't worry about it.

Some friends and I have been discussing some ideas to do with my music, which includes inward growling vocals, Manowar influences, and possibly some chiptunes to throw into the mix.. So do expect something awesome for my next release!

February 27, 2009

Dwarf Metal

First off, I've kicked my WoW addiction. Hence I have my life and free time back.

Nextly, I've settled into a more specific sound, and I'm going to stick with "Dwarf metal". Why? My more recent influences have been related to Warhammer lore, and I'm really loving the dwarf army. They are a defensively stubborn, and furious grudge-bearing folk, and I like that. The very idea of a proud fighter who settles his grudges with a hefty axe chop, and driven by honour and redemption, would be very similar to the themes I want to weave into my music.

Unfortunately, this means I will be leaving the previous work behind, as they don't really fit into my desired musical direction at the moment. I may return to them and rearrange some things around, but that will be decided at a later time. I am planning to deliver an album, and I have an idea on how its material will go, but it's not too clear cut yet.

However, all work I am doing on the flash game remains in progress, and will be done to completion.

Here is a quick preview of what my musical direction is moving towards:
And My Runeaxe - Path of the Guardian

Also, the piece "Arise Awaken Alive" is nearly done, just going to polish up the drum work and give an overall shine to the mastering once more.

February 8, 2009

New Flash Game Demo Tracks

Finally, I found the time in my busy school schedule to push out 2 new tracks for my buddy's little flash game. Available for listening, are the character selection, and a prelude track. The prelude track, called "Prelude No. 2" is the follow up to "Prelude No. 1" which is available for listening here. Do note that the tracks are designed to loop, so they may end abruptly. These are open to feedback, so feel free to leave a comment on what you think could be improved, etc.

The 2 featured tracks that are:

And My Runeaxe - Select 0:52

And My Runeaxe - Prelude No. 2 1:07

December 2, 2008

Metal guitar patch for Reason 4

Here is a metal guitar patch that I created for Reason 4. It has gone through a couple revisions, but each revision carries their unique sound. Versions 1.0 - 2.5 are somewhere on my external (which I need to find a working USB cable), so they won't be up today. (Sorry!)

The knobs and buttons:

The 2 knobs [drive] and [presence] tinker around with the tone of the sound generated.
The knob [loudness impact] plays with the compression/EQ to give a heavyness or lack of, in the sound.
The knob [reverb] controls the amount of reverb.
The buttons [kill with power], [lo-fi], and [bass mode] add/remove effects on the sound generated.
The button [power drive] makes the note into a power chord.

Download the patch here:

New work in progress

Someone on has asked for me to create a custom work for their flash game. In the midst, I've made a sweet new guitar synth patch that I may put up after work. Here's what's done so far.

Supposedly the game is going to be similar to Super Smash Bros., and I will be seeing a demo soon! The artist's newground page can be seen here.

On other news, I'm currently a little addicted to World of Warcraft's new expansion pack :( But come play with me, and I'll tank on my paladin! Haha!

PS: My works are secretly influenced by the new WoW expansion theme, Wrath of the Lich King.

October 1, 2008

First works, demo

Here is a sample of what I've been working on in Reason 4 so far, let me know what everyone thinks :)

I know theres some mixing, EQ, and compression I need to fix, but it will hopefully be fixed in the next revision. looks like a sick way of letting me embed audio for blog format. The only thing that bugs me about it now is that it auto-loads itself, using up unnecessary bandwidth if a reader decides not to play it.

First Post!

As my first post, I really want to share my first track in the work. As of yet, I need to find a suitable location to store these files. In the near future, I also want to share my synthesized heavy electric guitar patches I use in Reason 4. Right now, just dealing with bass drum compression/EQ headaches for the track, but I might as well skip them for now :p

For those who need to hear something in the meantime, my old works are available in a lighter genres

I want to assure you all, that "And My Runeaxe" will be more heavier and darker in sound than my older "Legendary Pirate" works.

Stay posted for the first track's updates and synth patches!

--And My Runeaxe